Thursday, December 30, 2010

Answer - Change Your Scarf

Question - What do you do when your baby's diaper explodes all over your clothes?

L left in the morning to play with a friend. While she was gone Baby had diaper problem that needed a complete outfit change, and a bath. Then I had to change my clothes. The scarf I was wearing matched my dirty outfit, so I changed my scarf too. Later L came home and noticed I was completely different than when she left.

Later that night, I was scratching my head with my scarf mostly off. C said that my bald head was scary to him. L said she thought so too. I told them I think I just found out what I need to do when they are fighting.


  1. Answer: Rosie the Riveter in her polka-dot scarf said, "We can do it."

  2. I remember Devree had a blow out so bad that I had to buy her a new outfit and me too when I was up in Reno from Fernley. Then right after Shay's baby blessing I handed him to Todd to hold. Todd passed him back and he had exploded on Todd's pants and all over my skirt. We had to go home and change. But we took a video of the yellow mustard everywhere!

  3. I think you always look beautiful! I was very happy to see you Christmas Day! Now I can tell people that not only do you sound good, you look good as well.