Sunday, December 19, 2010

I was justing waiting for the right one

In November when I had chemo I was a little chilly, but I had my coat. I remembered that I had a small quilt that a friend made in 2005 when I had cancer the first time. Actually she made 3 quilts, one for me, L, and C. As this chemo was approaching I considered that quilt and a number of different quilts, blankets, afghans. There was the giant blanket with many pretty colors one of the Young Women knit for Baby. Surely Baby would not need it for awhile. She has so many other blankets. I have a retro colored afghan that came from my great grandmothers' house. There is the really warm blanket my sister brought back from a trip to Mexico. I knew the new king size electric blanket from Henderson would be a little too big.

It was something I was thinking about, but not worrying about. Eventually the right one would present itself. On Friday the right one came from Utah in a box through Idaho.

Some of my aunts and a few of my cousins sent their love and hugs in a blanket for chemo. No wonder I could not decide on the blankets here. The right blanket was not here yet. The card that came with it said "The cross stitching stands for love - like when you put your arms over your heart in sign language."

Wow! I took it out of the box, and held it and Baby at the same time. It is soft flannel, and she kept snuggling into it over and over again. I like to think she could feel the love too.

The blanket was at the bottom of the box of magical surprises.

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