Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chemo Day 2

This post is about yesterday. I am a little behind.

Yesterday I still had a day full of steroids to take. The anti-nausea adds to the drowsiness and the steroids have the opposite effect. I woke up tired, flushed, and sick. My cheeks were a nice rosy red. My mother-in-law is here helping us and she was heating up cinnamon rolls a friend gave to us for the kids. After the kids got off to school, I focused on drinking as much as I could to help flush my system through. I also had to make some arrangements and appointments. Plus Baby needed some tummy time and a few books read to her. The side effects of the drugs were battling (Steroids -STAY AWAKE)(Zofran - SLEEP) but the chemo gave the drowsiness the edge, and I had to sleep. Eventually I woke up and C was home from school, but L was still at Activity Days. My mother-in-law made dinner before my husband and L came home. She got to take a little break with a few friends of mine. While on her break she picked up another stocking for us. We are filling stockings in our ward and I wanted to fill two, but L only made one at Activity Days. Then we did the Advent Calendar and nighttime routine and put the kids to bed.

Then my husband and I tried to figure out what picture to use on our Christmas card. No better time than the day after chemo right. We were totally thinking clearly on this one. Thinking back it is sort of humorous how diplomatically my mother-in-law would say, "That's nice" to any picture my husband or I picked. After the picture we had to pick out the card. I do not even remember the card we picked out. It will be a pleasant surprise when they are delivered.

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