Saturday, December 11, 2010

Short Hair

Last time I had cancer my hair fell out. The way it fell out was distressing to me. I would be holding one of my kids or helping them get out of their car seat and big chunks of my long hair would fall out. After a day of that I had my husband buzz it. When I learned my hair would fall out again, I knew I wanted to have a different experience. Fourteen to twenty one days after chemo my hair should fall out. I went to the hair salon this week and got my hair cut short. I donated the rest to Locks of Love. One of my friends came with me to help with Baby. She slept through the whole thing. She woke up at the end and smiled at everyone. Of course if I had not brought a friend she would have been awake and fussy the whole time.


  1. Isn't locks of love a way to donate hair to people who have had chemo? It brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat to think of your hair going to a "sister" with cancer. I hope she really appreciates it.

  2. Hi, I heard about your experience from someone attending my Mom's ward while she was talking in sacrament meeting and mentioned my trip through cancer. Then your sister wrote something on my blog. Good luck. This is my first time through. I can't imagine doing round two and really hope this will be it. I started my chemo about 10 days before you. I cut my hair short too. I'm glad I did. When my hair started falling out about a week ago, I think it made it less disturbing. I've got two young kids too and my third is on the way. You're the first person I've heard of with a remotely similar situation. It helps to hear how others do it. Thanks. My blog is

  3. Locks of Love provides wigs to children going through cancer. L donated her hair a few years ago too. Actually quite a few people in our town have donated their hair, both oldies like me and younguns like L.