Monday, December 6, 2010

Grandma went home

Yesterday after sacrament meeting my mother-in-law went home. She was trying to beat the bad weather over the Sierras.

Sometimes when my friends would find out that my mother-in-law was coming to help with the first chemo they would say things likes, "Oh too bad your mom can't come" or "Sorry to hear that" or "Well you will be asleep most of the time anyway" or "I hope she doesn't rearrange your kitchen." I had to explain that we asked both grandmas to take turns, because we get along with both grandmas. Also I do not think she would ever rearrange my kitchen unless I specifically asked her to. We all look forward to her visits. She is a maker of sweet treats. Some of my best dessert recipes are from her. She likes to play with the kids, whether it is the WII or a board game. She listens to their stories. Best of all when we undergoing chemo she tries to give everyone TLC. I know that her care when she is here helps smooth some of the hard edges off of the chemo experience for our family.

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  1. I'm glad she's close enough to take turns. I know we automatically think if Mom isn't there that it's Rex's mom.