Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doctor Hopeful

Sunday and Monday were tiring. I get bone pain with the shot I have to help prevent infection. I was trying to describe the pain to my husband. It sort of feels like your bones are trying to stretch from inside the bone out. I am not sure he totally understood, but I know he understands how it effects me. Anyways that combined with tiredness leads to confusion for me. I told my kids yesterday morning, that if I say I do not understand what they are saying it's not them it is me. Tuesday the bone pain dissipated quite a bit so I felt exponentially better so I went to YW activity. I came in 2nd place in musical chairs.

I dropped the kids off early and drove up to see the doctor. He said everything looked great. We also discussed how to manage my pain better. It is crazy that when you have cancer you take drug A to deal with the side effects of chemo, then take drug B to deal with the side effect of drug A. I drove my family crazy looking for my old electric blanket to warm my old bones. My husband helped look even though he claimed he did not know we had one, as he had never seen it. It has been years since I used it last. We never did find it, so I got one on the way back from the doctor.

Mu husband has to be the most kind patient person ever. Who else could go from a hormonal sleep deprived pregnant wife, to a hormonal sleep deprived post partum wife, to hormonal sleep deprived suddenly stopped nursing wife, to hormonal sleep deprived chemo induced menopausal wife in 4 months and still be as gentle and caring as he is? I am grateful for him every day, and I know my family is too.

I told my kids that last time we had chemo every Friday night I would be DJ Jeni and would dance (I would sort of shuffle) to celebrate. Friday nights were usually the time when things started turning around. I was still tired and sore, but from that point on I would get less tired and sore. While they did not remember doing that before they certainly wanted to do it this time. We did it again this time and they loved it. Baby loved to watch the kids dance, especially C. We say this is one of Baby's favorite songs.

The chorus of this song is as follows:
Gonna keep our heads up high… HIGH!
Keep on reaching high… HIGH!
Never gonna quit
Just keep getting stronger.

And nothings gonna bring us down… NO!
Never giving up gotta go… GO!

Because I know I’ll keep getting stronger.

I think it is a great song to sing along with your family is dealing with cancer, especially if you have young kids. I like the simple Ceep Vigling (Keep Wiggling or Keep Trying) concept.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I have something to send to your, but I did not get it into the mail on time (of course, that's kind of how I do). I hope your pain is low today and you feel abundantly loved!

  2. It's an awesome song to sing with your family! Happy Birthday!

  3. Jeni,
    You are so inspiring. You make me want to try harder to see all things positive. Keep on reaching high. You continue to be in our prayers.