Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby and the Doctor

I took Baby to get her shots this week. She is now 16 lbs 6 ounces at 4 months. She is the 90th percentile in weight like L and C always were. Last time I was at the doctor was right before I had the lump removed, when we were still hoping it was not cancer. They asked if she was still exclusively breastfeeding. When I answered she was only on formula now, the nurse asked what prompted the switch. I knew they would ask, and I was hoping for the nurse we usually have. Instead it was a nurse I had never seen before. I thought about responding with a non answer like shrugging my shoulders or something. Instead I said, "I had a double mastectomy, so I can't breastfeed her anymore." She put her pen down and looked at me. I continued, "I have cancer so she needs to have formula now." She looked uncomfortable, wrote down what I told her, and left.

Baby's doctor is more familiar with my history. She asked several questions about chemo and who took care of Baby during that time. I assured her I had nonsmoking caregivers. She checked Baby who is doing fine, and a little ahead in some areas. In a few specific areas the doctor thinks she regressed due to the stressful family situation. These are areas Baby was working on right before the mastectomy. Baby was very anxious around the doctor, and she said she thought Baby would have intense stranger anxiety also due to family stress. At this point I started to feel a little guilty, about poor Baby trying to deal with all that is going on in our house. I made an internal vow to help her overcome her regression better. Then the doctor talked about introducing solid foods. I said we would probably do that very slowly, and not at all during the weeks I have chemo.

When I told Rex and L and C about the regression. They responded like I did, vowing not only was Baby going to overcome her regression, she was going to be more advanced. So now we all are focused on helping her regain the skills she lost.

The next few days I had appointments and I was worried about the intense stranger anxiety. Baby responded by acting charmingly with all who held her. She prefers those she knows best, her family, but she acted comfortable with others. Then she scared my husband and I by eating much less than she normally does. She did not act sick, but just refused the bottle more. Today she is eating normally again, so maybe it was just the shots.


  1. I think that Doctor is a little regressed. Cecelia is the smartest and sweetest baby anyone could ask for. When I was carrying her around the cance center she would smile and coo at anyone who would show her any attention, and she was getting plenty. I could tell they don't get many babies in that place. I didn't let anyone touch her and she was most content in my arms. Isn't it about 6 months when they naturally start getting anxious around strangers and prefer mommy to anyone else? Jeni that doctor was off base about CC.

  2. I left an ANGRY comment and it got erased. Jen I don't like your pediatrician. Is it Dr. Amiron? I don't know how to spell her name. If she made you feel bad for having cancer, I would find a new doctor. I know that your pediatrician has never had a patient that the parent is fighting cancer for the 2nd time! REGRESSED? HA! Now I will tell you about my little nephew that was in the NICU for over 8 weeks. He had trouble breathing so he was on a breathing tube. His first year he was regressed but he caught up soon after. Now he is a normal 10 year old boy.
    Your baby has probably had more love, care and stimulation than most babies. I would NOT let this doctor bother me. And the nurse, not even responding to your situation. TIME FOR A NEW DOCTOR!

  3. I really think a lot of doctors try to find something to say so you don't feel like you wasted your time and money to come in so they can tell you you have a perfectly healthy baby and every thing is fine. She had an expectation that perhaps baby might be not getting enough attention and care because of your family she found some "evidence" to support her expectations. She does not know you, or your kids, or your husband, or baby's grandma's, so how could she possibly know what good care she is getting? 7th babies are supposed to be slow, too, because they are supposedly not paid attention to by their parents as 7th baby is my smartest, ever.