Friday, December 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

There has been a significant reduction in bone pain this time. Two factors contribute to that - one is the increase use of painkillers, and the other is the heated blanket. My family is glad, especially L and C, about the less pain. It looks like we have found a better way to manage that makes it easier for everyone. This should help when my mother-in-law comes in January.

We have been doing an advent calendar as a family. It is from the 1989 December New Era. We like it because it has songs to sing each night with the scriptures. Next year though I will make the papers smaller to fit better in the drawers. Right now they are crammed in there so tight it is hard to open them.

Last night my dad came up. L and C hid from him when he came in. C started giggling right away, and was easy to find. L was hidden for at least half an hour. Baby just watched.

Baby also showed off her rolling over trick. My husband said, "She just does it in one fluid motion." Of course we think her rolling over is the best rolling over any baby has ever done before or will ever do.

Two of my younger siblings were married at Christmastime. For one of the weddings I was pregnant with C and the other C danced all night. I was talking about the dancing all night one recently with my kids. C said he will dance at another wedding, but probably not the whole time again.

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  1. Hurray for a "significant decrease" in any kind of pain! Love you lots and merry Christmas.