Saturday, December 4, 2010

Days 3 and 4 or everything tastes like chemo

Thursday morning the kids go to school an hour later than usual every week. It is called appropriately enough "Late Start Day." That morning seemed to go fine I was still tired and sick, but Grandma was here to also encourage the kids. After they left we took the Baby and went into town to get my shot. Baby and my mother-in-law came into the cancer center with me. While I was in the back dealing with the kind and gentle Nurse Jen, Baby was traveling around the waiting area with Grandma making friends. I do not usually let my kids go to the cancer doctors with me for two main reasons. First is the germs they carry with them from school. Second is that it can be really disturbing for people to see very sick very old cancer patients. Baby is not looking at that though, really she is just looking for someone to smile at. Most cancer patients can still do that, and those who there were so excited to see her. Plus she was wearing her cute Mary Jane socks, like these from Target.

Most were powerless to resist her adorableness. We stopped at the post office and went home. I started thinking that chemo would be easier. I was not able to really participate in the family activities, but I could observe them, zombie like. Zombie like observation being better than zombie like curled in a ball on my bed.

Thursday nights are stressful, because homework is generally turned in on Friday. In addition, showers, and lunches being made, and jackets and clothes ready, and piano practiced, and of course a dinner in there somewhere. Everything eventually got done which was helpful the next morning.

Of course that night was awful. Then my husband left for work and Grandma had to negotiate the morning routine while I unsuccessfully tried to get out of bed. I came out right before they left and then spent most of the rest of the day in bed. Baby and Grandma had more bonding time. At one point I said I would do the dishes. I got them all away, then went to rest on the couch before putting the dirty ones in. Grandma putting them away woke me up and I just went to bed. I just wanted to believe I could put the dishes away, that I was okay. I was okay, it is okay to be really tired after having chemo.

Thursday and Friday were also harder to keep food down days. My husband just says "it tastes like chemo, doesn't it." When your taste buds die off, and you can't smell, and you are sick to your stomach, food is not appealing.

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