Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season

The last week of school before Christmas break usually runs at breakneck speed. There are class parties, special projects, teacher gifts, booster activities, baking, and still homework. I like to be involved in all those things with my family. This year we simplified.

I was planning on scaling back my involvement anyway. I like lavishing attention on Baby. It is such a short amount of time I have with her before she goes to school.

Family history is one of the few things that I think I am still involved in as much as I would be if I did not have cancer. I mean I did limit my involvement in the book editing and helping my extended family, but locally people still ask me for help every few weeks. These kind people do not need research help (I am not the knowledgeable about that), but just figuring out how to get their information in the new Family Search (I can help with that). Last time I had cancer I was not that involved with family history. Then one aunt told me another aunt said I would be one of the first ones in our whole extended family to be able to get on the new Family Search website. I was excited to see what that was all about. The excitement just stayed even, I am finding out, through cancer.

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