Sunday, January 2, 2011

When in doubt wear the Bryce Canyon T-shirt

Earlier this year we went to visit my brother when he lived by Bryce Canyon. They were had t-shirts on clearance in the gift shop. We almost never buy stuff in the gift shop, but I thought I might need some new shirts to wear while I was pregnant. We got a blue, red, and gray one. I wore them through my whole pregnancy. Now that I am trying to match patterned scarves every day they are great since they are solid with only a little bit of writing.

Whenever my husband mentions my scarf and shirt with their multiple patterns might be just a tad busy, I fall back on my Bryce Canyon t-shirts. An additional plus is the good memories those shirts bring up. We had an enjoyable time hiking around some, but mainly just trying to absorb the breathtaking vistas. It is almost beauty of the the earth overload there. Other good memories are when L and C became Junior Rangers. We have some good family vacation shots there from a nice couple who took our picture. There was still snow on the ground so it was not very crowded. We plan on going back even though my brother no longer lives near Bryce Canyon.

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