Sunday, December 19, 2010

And if sugar cookies and a quilt were not enough

This past week as I have walked by the box of Christmas stuff. My stocking kept leaping off the stocking pile and falling on the floor. My grandma made me and those she loved these red and white stockings with our names on them. She passed away many years ago. She had cancer too.

As one of the older grandchildren in my family I remember her. I know that she loved all her grandchildren very much, because I have felt that love. A few years ago my aunts made a read along cd rom. It had her voice and illustrations from the book. She does not just read the book straight. Her personality comes through as she gently asks the kids if they have washed their hands before touching the book, comments on the silly actions of the characters, and so on. I put it on the computer for my kids and it was like a glimpse into eternity to see how they got so caught up in her presentation of the book that they would answer the questions she would ask.

In between the cookies and the chemo quilt was a stocking for my husband. Not just any stuffed stocking, but the family pattern stocking in red and white. He is often, I would not say neglected, but it is just harder to know how to support him. Last time I had cancer I asked my brother to specifically call and talk to him, because the calls were almost exclusively for me. It touched both of us that they would remember him in this way.

Of course by the time we got all the way through the box I was crying. Instead of that day being the "Day I Lost My Hair" it was the "Day of the Christmas Box of Love."

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  1. I'm glad that your box got there and was able to be opened on a day that otherwise could have been a sad day. What a blessing.