Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For such a time as this

On Saturday Grandma went home. She was delayed by tears and C's not so good driving directions. Thinking back why did we rely on the 8 year old. We are so glad we have grandmas to come help us.

On Sunday we watched a video from lds.org about Esther. I first thought of all those people who have been prepared to assist us in our crazy time. A big example is the grandmas. They both have talents and skills that the desert of our household soak up. It is really a blessing how specifically prepared those around us have been. Our interactions with them add to that preparation. A bouquet of flowers becomes more than just a day brightner, but a hopeful promise of peace and joy while sitting in the sand watching the kids play in the icy lake water.

Then I thought of the intense preparation my kids are undergoing. I am sure they will need to remember this time as they offer love and understanding to someone else. What will it do for Baby, I don't know. I know she was prepared to come into our family at this time, and I believe the Lord will continue to help her as well.

Lastly I realized the compression of time as I thought how my ancestors dealt with their challenges affects how I respond to mine. We are rushed and tired when we go to church, but how essential it is to take the sacrament. I doubt my great great grandfather had any idea that I would say to myself and my children ceep vigling (keep wiggling or keep trying) as a means of encouragement.

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  1. The ride home was beautiful until I got to Marysville where I hit fog :-( I got home with a little extra in my purse, namely your car keys. I will try and get them back to you soon. I will try and use that expression when I need more encouragement "keep wiggling". I am the one who is refreshed when I come to your house. There is such a sweet spirit watching over your family. People can feel it when they come in!