Friday, January 14, 2011

The shot or more crowding

On Wednesday my mother-in-law took Baby and I to get my shot in town. Usually I go there and see no other patients, because they do not need to be down on my side of the building. I just slip in and slip out. This time I could hear talking as I walked back through the hallway. My mother-in-law had stayed in the car with Baby because she feel asleep on the way to town. There were so many patients back there. Many more nurses flitting around too.

I had to wait. So I let my mother-in-law know, so she would not worry. Then I waited some more. Then I called my brother to see if his line was still disconnected, and it was not. Wednesday was the day to talk to him, not Tuesday apparently. Also I napped, or more accurately tried not to nap. I am not usually that tired until Thursday, but I was just weary. Napping in public unnerves me, patients, support friends, nurses walking all around, people talking, and tvs blaring, yet I still dozed. Eventually they were able to give my shot and send my on my way to nap at home, and spend the rest of the day not liking how food or liquid felt in my mouth.


  1. It's good to see we both spell "fell" the same way! :-) That's the way I spelled it when I wrote the excuse why Lucy was late on Friday. Lucy "feel" on the ice. We are so alike in many ways. It was so nice to be in your home again. I "feel" it a pleasure to serve you and your family.Love you,

  2. There were some specific buildings(SWKT,JSB,etc) at the college we went to were it looked like there was a class going on just about napping in public.

  3. Here's what you can use to nap easier in public!