Monday, January 24, 2011

The How You Look Indicators

I look for patterns. When I find patterns, I try to figure out what they indicate, what they mean. Anyone who has been my visiting teaching partner knows February is when I try to figure out the pattern in VT messages.

I have noticed a pattern recently. Less people have been saying "You look great" and more people have been saying "You look tired, I can watch your kids anytime." I think this is because the weeks between chemo are getting more difficult. I am not as wiped out as I am during the week of chemo, but also I am not getting my energy back as quick as I did the first time.

Thank you to everyone who sent support for the formula and the chemo boxes. I know we have more than enough items for the last chemo boxes.

The formula was just miraculous to me. Within the first week we had six months of formula coupons and formula for Baby. Since then more has trickled in as well. Baby is six months old this week and I think we have enough formula to last until she turns a year old. It was amazing to me how the formula and the coupons just kept coming. Every time we give her formula I think about all the people who care for our family. It is a nice pattern of love.


  1. So what is the VT pattern this year?

  2. Hi Jennifer, How is Lucy doing with her infection? Did she she have to take antibiotics? What pattern are you seeing this week? We are leaving the end of next week to go to Utah and Sam's baptisim. Possibly will take Gena and one of her kids with us. Please be careful and sleep when the baby takes her naps. Love you!

  3. I do not know the VT pattern yet as we have not received our February Ensign.

    Have fun in Utah. My kids are all fine now.