Saturday, January 15, 2011

Louder and Wider

Thursday morning started off with my husband's alarm clock going off. I wondered how did he get the notes of the ringer to be louder and wider. The rest of the day sort of followed that exhausted and confused state.

Thursdays after chemo I tend to think of as my reality bending day. There are no thoughts too bizarre on Thursday, as I drift in and out of sleep. I try really hard to have coherent conversations on that day, but even if they are coherent I do not remember much of them later. The rare freedom from anything is probably good for me as I generally think there should be reasonable explanations for things.

That morning is also when my kids go to school late. I got up with Baby and I did not see my kids up yet. A future tip for them is to always get up before I do during chemo week, on Thursdays especially. I was confused as to why they were not up, because they fairly consistent about getting up with their alarm clocks. C had Cub Scouts that night so we used Wednesday night and part of Thursday morning to help get the family prepped for that. It is not pleasant when they come home from activities on Thursday with so many things still to do for Friday. This Thursday was enjoyable though, because we had prepared.

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