Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something special before church

This new year brought a time change for our ward. We switched from 9am to 11am. Last week I was telling my husband that the later time did not mean we were less rushed, just that the kids had more time to mess around and fight in the morning when he is at meetings. He reminded me that last time we had 11am meetings I would have the kids ready by 10am and then we would do something special before church.

This morning I asked them to be ready and was not sure what special thing we could do. I read an Ensign article about favorite past articles and thought of the YW lesson about coming to know the Savior after breakfast. Both those thoughts coalesced into one good idea. I remembered my favorite New Era article. L, C, and I took turns reading it this morning. Then I told them this article had some good feedback from a beautiful young woman. We read the feedback and then reread the last part with the patient and the nurse.

Then we listened to a recording of "Mrs. Ticklefeather and Other Stories." It was Baby's first exposure to them, and I am sure she will enjoy them in the future.

Today I was glad we have 11am church.

(for my parents - if you click on the blue words they should lead you to the article and feedback)


  1. This is one of my favorite articles, too. I used it this year in my Seminary class when we studied section 59. I also used the feedback, just because it was written by my sister.

  2. Ahh I like that article too, and the sweet young woman who wrote the letter. I remember that experience whenever I think Church is just too hard to go to. To Jeni-Thinking of you tonight and tomorrow-and praying for you and your family.

  3. When my kids saw that the feedback was written by your sister they said, "Wait, she isn't 16." I showed them the date and then they understood.