Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Sunny

We have had record highs here. This winter I would be okay to follow the Vegas model of seasons.

On Sunday we went to stake children's choir practice. They will perform at Easter. I am carpooling with another mom, so I took L and C and their two friends. There were a total of 8 kids there. Four from our ward, one was a boy who recently moved out of our ward, and three came with one my old friends from growing up. She was asked to play the piano. It was a pleasant surprise to see her and the mom of the boy again.

During sacrament meeting I took Baby out in the hall. We saw many members from the other ward who told me how much Baby looks like L. There was one little boy who I do not know, but was very excited to see me. He happily told me he loves pirates and was glad that I dressed up as one. He had to leave but before he went he said a hearty, "Aarrgh!" I of course said, "Aarrgh" right back to him.

We heard this song on the way to the doctor this morning with L. She has a slight infection. I have to admit I was not enthusiastic about going to our always crowded urgent care. This morning there were no other people there the entire time we were there. In addition, I asked about and they gave me forms to fill out for the future. I can have someone else take the kids to urgent care, if I am having a low day either too tired or my blood count is low. They just have to bring the form and driver's license. They will keep them on file for a year. The receptionist said it is usually used for caregivers who are not guardians of the children.

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