Friday, January 7, 2011

New Morning

We had sort of a crazy morning. There were some 8am phone calls. Those type of calls are almost always from other moms who have school age kids. Then we had a 8:30 visit. The car alarm went off while the car was in the garage. L was looking for something in the garage. C put what L was looking for on the grill last night. Of course we did not think to look on the grill, until he decided to share that tidbit of information. Shoes were missing, lunches magically flew out of backpacks and into the refrigerator. Breakfast was in there somewhere along with crying baby. Carpool came early, but was patiently waited while we finished up. Then L had a big oral presentation today, and I wondered how her crazy morning would effect that. I was so glad that was my biggest worry for today.

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