Friday, January 14, 2011

Now where was I

On Tuesday my dear husband took yet another day off to go to chemo with me. My kind mother-in-law came and watched the children once again. I tried calling my brother but it said his phone was disconnected.

The office was crowded, but I was happy in my scarf. Honestly wearing a new scarf to chemo helped provide sort of a protective force field against the depressing nature of my appointment. So we calmly waited, and then saw the doctor. He told us how great our Christmas card was and how all the nurses liked it too. I believe it, most of the Christmas cards did not have pictures on them, and of course we think our photographer is the best around. Besides it had our cute kids on it, not that we are biased or anything.

Then after making sure I was still surviving chemo, the doctor talked to my husband about he is doing. That talk then segued into about the big game the night before. I love it when people ask him how he is doing, or ask me how he is doing. He carries us all, and answers continual questions about me and the kids.

The chemo room was not very busy. I am always surprised at how many old men get chemo. About 2/3 of the people in there are old men. It is funny, because most of the donated blankets are very pretty. The camouflage one always gets taken first.

I do not have to worry about fighting for the camo blanket because, I have my own quilt. My husband sat on one side and there were no chairs on the other side of me. That did not prevent conversation. It seemed like that day everyone wanted to tell me how beautiful the quilt was. Then they would tell sad funny stories of their grandchildren making fleece blankets that were too big for them (the chemo patient). I of course told them about my ever loving family making it for me. It was not until later that I realized their grandchildren are probably my age, and quilting is skill and talent that is not that common. During the fleece blanket story sagas, I thought of the quilt my aunt has in her computer room, showing a 4th of July picnic (I think), and all the other beautiful amazing quilts my aunts have everywhere. There is so much love and skill that goes into those fancy quilts. I know there was as much love put into the quilt I was given as well, and I think that is where the beauty of it stood out.

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  1. I love your chemo quilt, and soon you will have to give it a new name as it will no longer be used for chemo. I am excited that there is only one session left. May it's force be with you...:-)