Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm fixed upon it

I like to believe that when I have cancer I can absorb all the bad in the lives of those I love. That did not really work out at all last time, so I do not know why I thought it might work this time.

This week we have had tough news from both sides of our family. The "no phone calls before 7am are good news" lesson was reinforced. Some emails cause tears. There is sadness, confusion, and pain among those we love, with the possibility of more. We share those feelings with them.

There is also hope and faith. We share those feelings as well. I received a card from one of my neighbors today. On it was a reminder that nothing can silence prayer. Sleeping by me is an adorable miracle. Snoring by me actually, cute little baby snores.

1 comment:

  1. I know some of the tough news. We're thinking positive thoughts at this moment than a little boy in AZ has a successful operation. Indeed, that email brought a lot of tears.

    But the baby snores, which we enjoy in our home, are one of life's greatest miracles.

    We still send prayers your way, too. You are an inspiration now and as you always have been.