Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One and a half steps in front of the devil

Today I went for my first post chemo regular follow up appointment. I will have many many many follow up appointments for the next 5 years. When I first found out I had chemo the second time I had just barely passed the 5 year mark and was down to very few follow up appointments. My new cancer diagnosis brought thoughts not only of chemo, but a new round of arranging follow up visits.

The doctor said I am doing good. We discussed the new follow up visit schedule, and I said while I had hoped I was done with those, they were better than the alternative. He agreed and said, "You are just barely one and a half steps in front of the devil. He has gotten a few good swipes at you, but so far you are ahead." We also talked about while there is snow on the ground now, my chemo and shot days were snow free. He also said Baby looked cute and very happy. The office staff fawned over her as well. I like the office staff because they don't make me decide three months in advance what will be a good day to come back. The receptionist will call me in 2 and a half months to schedule. When she does she will remember that I like to come in on middle days of the week, after my kids are in school and before they come home. All doctors should have receptionists like her.

I saw wild horses on the way home. There were some foals along with the older mustangs. It reminded me of the last page of Baby's book from my aunt about baby animals. The last page is about a foal and her mommy, and then it asks, "Do you like playing outside with your mommy?" Every time I read that book to Baby, L and C would say "You don't know, because you mommy does not like to play outside right now" to her. Despite the cold weather we have played outside recently, so Baby can answer that question now.

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  1. Ahh....that we could all be one and a half steps in front of the devil. I feel lazy about going visiting teaching today, maybe he caught up with me!