Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Tuesday

We were rushing around that morning. My mom was going to take the kids Easter clothes shopping and to the museum while I went to chemo. I forgot to put my numbing cream on my port until we were too far away from home. I had them stick me before without cream, and I just wanted to get started and get it over with.

The whole group came with me into the waiting room. Then I went back to have all my vitals checked, and they went on their merry way into the city. The nurse went to access my port and I told her I had forgotten my cream that morning. She dismissed my tough it out plan and got some numbing spray that worked nicely.

The chemo room was not busy. I had my usual hours worth of premedication before chemo. Then they started the chemo, and I had an adverse reaction. As I struggled to breathe, they came and turned the chemo off. That helped immensely with my breathing problem, not so much help with my want to finish and get out of there problem. After awhile they came and turned it back on at a slow and low dose. This was more tolerable. Then I had to discuss with the nurse how this reaction has compared to my other reactions, like the one I had during the first chemo this time around. After that conversation she told me that if I felt low back pain to let her know as well. I told her since I had been sitting for hours with only an occasional break that I had low back pain. In addition, I broke my back years ago, and have had low back pain since then. I really do not know how I could tell if it was due to the chemo, the long sitting, or the old injury. She tried to explain more, but it just sounded like how my back always feels after sitting for a long time.

Finally I finished. They raised the roof and congratulated me. I called my mom, and then we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to get a few more things for the kids. We bought some celebratory pizza and then did the final chemo boxes with the kids. Then I went to YW where I found that hot flashes are an effective heat source when you are heart attacking someone on a cold winter night.

Later I was talking to my husband about the adverse reaction, and he said, "I think you need to not have chemo anymore." Not surprisingly I feel that way too.


  1. Rex seems like a smart guy. I suggest you follow his treatment plan. Also, I think you are the only woman I know who has been grateful for hot flashes. You are amazing and witty, and I wish I knew you better!

  2. I certainly hope they raised the roof! You deserve it. One of the secretaries from school was back for the first time today after six months of chemo for ovarian cancer. She looked so glad to be there and I immediately thought of you. Cancer is ugly, but I love how much hope and confidence the survivors I have met seem to radiate.

  3. I agree with your husband as well. Did you have a dance party? Every time I think of you + dancing I see you doing the "Wonderwall Shuffle" to the Mike Flowers Pops parody of the Oasis song. Do you remember that? It always makes me smile when I think of it:)

  4. The "wonderwall shuffle??" You must demonstrate next we are together. I can always use some new moves! We survived the chillyness of Utah and only had a little snow. I have been so blest this winter in my travels to Nevada and Utah. You know I would of come to your home no matter what the weather but it was great that the weather cooperated with me. I will miss the comings and goings of your family. I hope you will keep this blog open for updates and insights to your family. I thought of you as I drove past the 395 turn off. My car just wanted me to turn there. I love you all!!