Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Camp Kesem

Last August, after I had Baby but before I found out I had cancer again, I saw this Deseret News article about Camp Kesem. It is a free camp for kids whose parents have or recently had cancer. I thought this would have been nice for C and L when I had cancer before. After checking to see if there were any camps in NV, I went to the website for Camp Kesem - BYU. On there website I saw they accepted campers from Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. In January before the Jan 11 chemo, I checked their website again, and saw they had an application to download online. I printed it out and my husband and I filled them out for L and C while I was having my chemo infusion. We put my aunt and my husband's sister as local contacts. We mailed them off, not really thinking we would hear anything once they saw they were from Nevada.

The Friday after my last chemo we got an email from Camp Kesem - BYU saying they had received our applications and would let us know in a month or so if L and C were accepted as campers. I was so thankful they did not reject the applications right away, and that the email looked like a form email they might send to any applicant.

So we have hope they might be able to go to Camp Kesem. We are building on that hope with prayer.

(Mom click on the blue letters to link to Deseret News article and Camp Kesem-BYU website)

(I love that it looks like they reenact a handcart journey at camp)

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  1. I want to go to Camp Kesam! I like being a kid. I think this is great and an answer to prayers. (or it will be if they get in). I know you were looking for some kind of support group for the kids. Do you think L and C will want to go to camp?From all your glowing reports of "girls camp" I'm sure they will want to go. Love you.