Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Love Week Bits

We celebrated Valentine's Day over many days this week. L made cute cards for everyone. I asked C if he needed help with his cards/presents and he said, "No, I decided to give everyone hugs this year for Valentine's Day." This was a perfect present for him to give because he is an affectionate little boy. My mom helped L and C get their cards for their class ready before she left. The treat they brought to their class was those Rice Krispy treats you buy at the store that you can write on. They wrote messages of love on them, and passed them out. Baby let us hold her and love her on Valentine's Day. It was the best gift.

My neighbor brought us a heart pizza for Valentine's Day. Actually she brought us meals a few times this week, because she knew the grandmas were gone. She's been great, she often calls on her way to the store to see if I need anything. She was the first one to call when our fence fell down, offering to help.

L and her friend gave a very special Valentine to one of her teachers by singing, "The Song That Never Ends." She has been so very helpful this week. She offers before I even think of asking to change Baby's diaper, or make her a bottle. Last time I had chemo I would joke that she was my secretary, because she remembered everything that I did not. Now she is the top notch executive assistant, anticipating needs ahead of time.

Today Baby wore a pink corduroy jumper to church. After church when C was trying to wrestle her into the high chair, he said, "She reminds me of some older ladies at church who wear corduroy jumpers but are still active."

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