Friday, February 4, 2011

Everyday I Like To Feel The Sunshine

I woke up this morning sick and exhausted. Luckily my mom is still here and got the kids off to school. C even took the present he was supposed to. He has been having the roughest time this week I think. We were talking about chemo being done, and he said, "You are not done being sick, and you still have reconstruction surgery. " He is hesitant about celebrating. L is just glad she can focus on partying and not on her numerous school projects. Baby has both grandmas wrapped around her finger. She is a party wherever she goes. Then of course her adoring mother will play with her, hold her, and try to feed her, no matter how bad she feels. Then when the kids come home it is just two more people to keep her entertained. We would not want it any other way.

It is amazing how knowing I will not be doing this again in three weeks makes me feel physically better. I was thinking back to this time, when I had cancer before. My last chemo in 2005 was on a Wednesday, because L started kindergarten that Tuesday. It was kindness on the doctor's part so I could spend that day focusing on her. My dance day that week was Saturday. I excitedly called my parents to share in the jubilation. They were not at home, and I had to reach them on my Dad's cell. My parents and many other family members were at the hospital with my grandpa. He died soon after. We were unable to see him before he died, but did have a chance to mourn with our family at the funeral.

This week is different. This week is feeling the sunshine.

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