Monday, February 7, 2011

DJ Jeni

So we did dance and then we danced again. When I had cancer the last time, I was solely in charge of the music. L and C just went along with whatever I music I played. This time they had more of an opinion of what we should listen too. Of course they also had an opinion of what Baby wanted to dance to as well. We listened to more Taylor Swift, and Taio Cruz than I might have chosen.

In other news Baby cut her first tooth. It was not that bad, but maybe that was because I had chemo that week, and did not deal with it that much. My mom got the brunt of Baby's fussiness.

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  1. We didn't exactly dance in the physical way, but here at our house we did rejoice and pray, or in other words, fast and pray for you and your wonderful family members! We love you and rejoice with you in completing the chemotherapy.