Thursday, February 3, 2011

The final shot

I woke up Wednesday morning with a list and an internal countdown. I knew I had only so long until I crashed. Before we went to get the shot I tried to write a family newsletter article, but when I hit submit it was all erased. So I just left instead.

The nurse was kind as always. She also let me know that I could go there (a half hour away, instead of an hour away) to get my port flushed until they took it out. The shot they give me always goes into the upper back of my left arm. I realized no one had ever gone in with me for the shot, because I did not want to burden them.

I slept when we got home, after a quick stop at the library for my mom. The kids came home with varying amounts of home and make up work to finish before piano lessons. C also brought home a teddy bear for Baby from his teacher. That day during sharing he had presented his Hope Bear that he and L received. When his teacher found out Baby had not gotten one she instantly wanted to provide one for her.

That night we saw the family newsletter had been put up, and I guess what I was supposed to contribute this month went through another messenger.


  1. Was it Joy's article? I can get the super smart computer people on to recovering your article if you want. Now it is Friday, can we dance? (even if we don't have an orange dress?)

  2. Yes - I was glad Joy put her article in. Do not worry about recovering the article. I will try again next month.

    Friday - this time we actually started dancing early. It has been a week of tears of relief and dancing.

  3. Nobody needs an orange dress to dance!