Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue and Gold Dinner

We have tried keeping up with C in Cub Scouts. He would usually attend the weekly den meetings. We were unable to have him participate in the Friends of Scouting breakfast. Mostly his Cub Scout shirt has been ironed when it needs to be, and we've kept track of his assorted Scout paraphernalia.

For the annual Blue and Gold dinner I thought I could handle bringing rolls. I made them up to the second rising and baking stage, then froze them. That day I thawed them out and put them in the oven. They burned on the bottom, so I kept those ones at home and bought some others at Smith's to bring. Then right before we are going to leave C announced that he did not know where his neckerchief slide is. We looked around a little bit with him, and then I found the multicolored ball in the picture above and told him to wear that instead. He did, though not until after a meltdown. It was the right size and held his neckerchief firmly.

On the way there I thought about what a tired scattered mom I had become. The effects of cancer treatments were reaching long arm into this special time for C. I thought well at least we are getting him there.

While we were at the dinner, I was talking to my friends and they mentioned someone had brought store bought rolls. They wished they had done that, because apparently I was not the only one with roll problems that day. One friend detailed her three attempts to make rolls. They were surprised when I said I was the one who brought them. The other Cub Scouts did not mock C like he feared about his neckerchief slide, but told him it was cool. While there I realized we would have to buy him a new slide soon anyway when he has his birthday.

During the dinner L shredded the part of the plastic tablecloth hanging on her lap. I joked about her relieving her stress from the past few months. Between C's meltdown, L's shredding, my worrying, and my husband coming late from work it is a wonder that the evening was as pleasant as it was.

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  1. I think that that the slide is awesome, way to think on the fly I would not have been able to think of that so quickly. Also yay for baby to provide it and not try to take it off of C. My youngest would do that as soon as she sees anything that she feels is hers (everything) and her siblings have it.