Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It was so windy....

On Monday we had "The Carpool Meeting." I had been putting off this meeting until chemo was over. I did not want the grandmas to have to deal with a different and more challenging carpool schedule. This new schedule involves 8 schoolkids, 6 younger siblings, 5 moms (one who is pregnant and will just send her daughter soon) and 3 times a day (morning, kindergarten, afternoon). My main carpool person and I expanded to include my new neighbor, and the rest of the kindergarten carpool.

It has been very windy here. When I did carpool Monday afternoon we did many variations of it was so windy.... the fence fell down, the gate blew off, recess was canceled, the trash cans raced down the street, the person cleaning out their garage just let things go, the garage door would not close due to the tumbling tumbleweeds, the shopping carts ran away at the grocery store, a truck was moved by the wind while the owner was in the store, the sandstorm in the morning greatly reduced visibility on the highway, the car was sandblasted, L's eyes started watering even though she was inside, sand and leaves were tracked far into the school, the doors either opened themselves or slammed shut, and on and on.

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  1. Your town begins to sound more and more like mine....small, windy....carpools..