Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monday Musings A Few Days Late

On Sunday we instituted the Worry Bucket. L and C decorated an small old Easter bucket, and I put a pencil and small pieces of paper by it. I told them they could write whatever they wanted. So all day they did. That night we went through them. Some were directed at each other, C writing about something he did not want L to do, but others were deeper.

After number 3 chemo, my mother-in-law accidentally took home the extra keys we have for the grandmas to use. I told my husband about it and after I was done he wondered what else had happened to her. I told him she was fine and would send the keys back soon. He explained he expected much more to have occurred, and went through a few scenarios.

Thinking about the items in the Worry Bucket, the discussion with my husband, and other comments my kids have made, I realized we just expect everything to be catastrophic. I guess going to the doctor with a hopefully clogged milk duct and coming home with breast cancer will do that to a family.

I remember last time I had cancer and it seemed like the stream of bad news would not stop. This time though, while their certainly has been awful news, there have been really hopeful things too. Of course living with Baby is a big part of this. She is a ray of hope everyday. Plus some of my cousins are getting married. While I probably will not be able to attend their weddings it is fun to see their preparations from afar. In addition, it reminds me of the exciting time when the cousins close to my age and I got married. Luckily I am still somewhat close to those cousins and can witness the miracles in their lives too.

Winter has brutal for many people I know, with record snow, but here it was sunny every time I had to go to chemo or the shot the next day. It has been cold occasionally, but a relatively mild winter. I was worried about not only my husband or I driving up to the doctor, but also the non snow driving grandmas. The lack of bad weather was beyond me. I was just hoping the weather would not be too bad for too long.


  1. I was going to say this time around it seemed to go by faster for us living and viewing from afar.

  2. The only thing I will miss about Chemo is the fact I now have no excuse to come and play for a few days. I loved being with you all. Your family is being blessed through all this.