Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tests, Results, and a Goodbye

Monday while I was at the doctor being fascinated with the drains they also read me the pathology report. The expected news is that the cancer is again hormone negative and also HER2 negative. Actually the doctor said the HER2 was borderline, but read as negative. The good news was it had not spread to any of the lymph nodes.

On Tuesday I had more tests done to determine how much if any visible damage was caused by the chemotherapy I had done last time. The abdomen ultrasound seemed okay. As I was doing the MUGA test (heart scan video) the technician said it looked beautiful. I am taking that as a good sign.

Also on Tuesday, my parents left after the kids came home from school. My mom cleaned the house, and did all the laundry(bath rugs included) while my dad took me to do tests in the morning. L said, "Mom, she even cleaned the baseboards."It is a rare event when this happens. C exclaimed, "She made my bed look like a couch - yes!" We are so glad they could come up and help us out this time. The live in help, especially with Baby, was invaluable. Baby could not face them leaving so she used sleeping to avoid saying goodbye.

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  1. So that's how you get away from saying goodbye? I'll have to try that next time:)