Saturday, November 13, 2010

Range of Motion and Arm Pain Update

After I had a hard time putting a ponytail in my hair I realized maybe those muscles were not getting a good stretch in my other exercises. I added ponytail hairdo to my exercises and will do one in my hair everyday until it is easy to do or my hair falls out whichever comes first.

My left arm is doing fine. It does not hurt, and I only feel a very slight pull when I reach for things. I try to use it more to give my right arm a break. I have even started practicing writing with my left hand to relieve the stress of signing my name on checks. Okay not really about that last part.

My right arm still bothers me. It does not fit comfortably against the right side of my body. Also it has a hard time reaching for things. This arm feels like it pulls when I do almost anything. This is also the side they took lymph nodes out on. The underside of my arm still gives me pain. I usually use wheat bags to alleviate the pain. The problem with the wheat bags I have is you have to be fairly stationary to use them. So I bought some of those wrap bandages that heat up to use instead.

So far no swelling of either arm. I feel like I can do most things right now. I am just not that fast at doing them. Holding Baby against me is easier than balancing one thing in each hand as I carry them to the table. I have a better idea now of how frail old ladies can hold babies securely, but have a hard time putting on their coat.

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