Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News from the Doctor

A lady from the doctor's office called today. She said she was calling to discuss my health insurance information. She said she had good news - we have already met our deductible and our out of pocket maximum for this benefit year (it began July 1) before chemo even started. I told her I was not surprised since we had a head start when my baby was born at the end of July.

Then we talked scheduling the actual time of day for chemo. I asked that it be a little bit later in the morning since the oncologist is an hour away and I want to help get my kids ready for school. She consulted the scheduler and then got back on the phone with me. She told me they would call back, because they were asking another person if they would be willing to reschedule to accommodate my needs. They called later in the day with a good time. Thank you to whoever changed their appointment time.

When my husband and I met with the oncologist after the surgery he said I had a 30% chance of recurrence of cancer, even with the mastectomy. The chemo regimen I am doing brings that number down to 15%. He gave us other options of chemo regimens that might be tolerated easier, but we went with the one that brought the number down the most.

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