Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Newsletter

My dad's family has a family newsletter that anyone can contribute to and is updated at the beginning of the month. It is always enjoyable to read the articles and family updates. Two articles made me reflect on my current situation in different ways.

I told a friend in my ward I had cancer. I could tell this information affected her deeply and she wanted to do anything to help. The next morning she called and told me about her favorite story from church history about the pioneers. That story reminded me I am not the first person in our family to face difficult trials and there are lessons to be remembered from their examples. Those examples of my ancestors have helped me face trials before and I can use the little bit of information I know about them to help me again.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out how I would be able to take care of Baby when I have chemotherapy. Chemo brain wrecks havoc on anything going on except what is happening in the moment. I was trying to think of the systems I would need, like now I try to write in red on the whiteboard when I or others feed her to help us keep track of her bottles and give us an idea of when she will need to eat again. I was feeling bad that it has to be this way and that I cannot take care of Baby like I envisioned. Then I remembered the legions of people including both grandmas who have offered to help with the kids and especially Baby. I am grateful that when I am facing these struggles others can lovingly help.

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  1. Jeni,
    You are so smart to ask for help. Voicing your needs so you can receive the help needed is so important. I love your positive attitude! It will help your healing.
    I love you and continue to pray for you.