Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heritage Luncheon

A few weeks ago on the way home from school L told me about her Heritage Project. She needed to make a pedigree chart, mark on a map where her ancestors came from, and interview a relative. They would display their projects at a luncheon of food representing the countries they are from.

This project made me so excited. She tried to tell me they could just do a simple one page sunset type pedigree chart. I asked her if she wanted to use pictures and she did, so we switched to a poster board. We had most of the pictures already and were emailed the rest. I was glad that L was able to identify more than half the pictures and put them in the right spot. One year for Christmas my aunt made a card game with our ancestors pictures on them. I wonder what happened to it, anyways L did not need the card game. L was concerned about a color scheme so my side was blue and my husband's was green. I thought it would be cool to put little facts about each person next to their picture. L and my husband voted me down. Already she had the giant poster with pictures and a color scheme, I think she did not want to do anymore work.

She had to pick a few questions off a list to ask one of her relatives. I thought many of the questions were a little too easy. I encouraged her to ask some of the more thought provoking ones and to ask follow up questions. The map that was provided was a poor copy so we found a new one and used that instead. The food was the least important to L, so she was okay when I said I would just buy a tin of Danish Butter cookies.

Her class seems to have a ton of projects due around the holidays, but this was one that I was glad she did. She called me right before the luncheon to see if I was coming with Baby. I thought it was because she really wanted me there. Instead I found out it was those with relatives were able to be in the front of the line.

After the luncheon I did a little research based on a conversation there. I saw my grandpa was named after his great grandpa Snow, who was a brother to Erastus F. Snow who helped my ancestors on the other side of my family and did missionary work with the ancestor of a friend.


  1. L's Whitney side is showing! Being in front of the line is the only place in a line we want to be in.

  2. Wow, how did you hold back, Jen? You have such interesting relatives.