Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was talking to my brother about reading scriptures recently. It brought up the memories of when I read the scriptures during my last chemo treatments. The bad thing about cancer recurring, besides the actual cancer, is too close familiarity with the side effects. With my chemo brain it made the words in the scriptures very slippery. I would lose my place several times in a verse. That made it hard to make any meaningful connection between the words. During that time I would read once verse fifteen times so I kind of understood it, and maybe only one verse a day. Even though I was not getting much from the actual text, I grew to love the scriptures more for the comfort and blessings they gave me just through the process of trying to read them.


  1. I remember you trying to read every morning when I was there. Some days I thought you were in Lucy's room for a very long time. I thought so much of you for trying to read the scriptures even when life wasn't making much sense to you. That is part of what makes you one of my heros!