Friday, October 22, 2010

Surgery on Tuesday

They called to preregister me for surgery. It was the fastest preregistration ever, they asked, "Is everything the same as last time you were here, and is your husband going to drive you home again?" I said, "Yes and yes," and I was done.

I am not sure what to expect recovery wise. I have seen the general guidelines. When we talked to the surgeon about the double mastectomy he thought I might be able to go home that day or maybe just stay one night. He based that on my good health (except that cancer thing) my age, and how I have responded to past surgeries. I asked him how much he thought it would hurt. He said it would be much worse than the surgery I had earlier this month. I asked if it would be worse than back surgery. The doctor said no, it would not be worse than back surgery, more like in the middle between a little pain and back surgery.

Then we talked about drains and ports. At this point the surgeon became a plumber, as he detailed care of the drains. The drains are what I think will be the most irritating, and get in the way of taking care of my children. Grandma is coming up to help, and Grandpa will be here too, so I guess Baby will be held enough. I am glad about having the port put in. I have small veins and hate the repeated attempts to insert i.v.s or draw blood.

Meanwhile the we will get ready for Nevada Day/Halloween and I will just be the kitchen sink this year with my multiple drains.

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