Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Doctor

Yesterday I went to a new doctor. The office staff at my old oncologist was making me crazy already, and I decided I did not need that hassle. Everyone we asked for a recommendation gave us the same place so I made an appointment there. They even had the new patient forms online to print out and fill out at home - yes!

My mom, Baby, and I went up there yesterday afternoon. We got there a few minutes early, checked in with there pleasant office staff, and then were taken back a few minutes early - so far so good.

We met with the doctor and as he was taking my history he found out I am very healthy except I have cancer. I will probably explain in more detail what we talked about another time. He was logical and kind in his answers and explanations. My mom liked that he said he will have to approach my complex case in a creative way. There were many things I liked about the experience but the one I liked the best was that he purposefully talked quietly the whole time, so as not to wake up the baby. To me it showed that he understood while I needed to discuss cancer treatments with him, I also need to be a mother.

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