Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chemo Day Boxes

I tried hard to focus on the positives with kids the last time I had cancer. Maybe it worked, because the only thing they seem to remember from that time were chemo day boxes. To emphasize that chemo seemed like a bad thing that hurt mommy but really was a good thing to help mommy. We put together little gifts and each chemo day they would get a new surprise. It got to where they were getting impatient waiting for the next chemo day.

When we told them I had cancer again, they did not have much to say. The next day though they asked if they could have chemo boxes again. I said sure, we could put packs of gum in or candy this time instead of toys. Then they got carried away with suggestions - the new Taylor Swift cd, a new Lego set, lots of baseball cards, a gift card to Amazon, and maybe a trip to Disneyland. The more expensive their ideas got, the less expensive mine became. I think we ended with me saying they had a stick of gum to look forward to sharing on chemo days. We shall see what ends up happening.

I thought later it might be nice if our friends and family could write them letters and we could those in the chemo day boxes to remind them they are loved.

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