Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life Around Cancer

While we have been busy dealing with cancer it has not consumed all our time, it just feels that way. Here are some things we did this week not directly related to cancer.

We had family pictures taken in a small town near us. Of family history note it is the same small town that by dad and his family lived when my grandpa was going to school up here.

L and C went to a movie party and made these type of bracelets. These specific ones are L's.

On Saturday we decided to focus on family time, so we went out to the fall festival at a local farm. We wrapped Baby up in the Halloween quilt my aunt made and L won one year at a family reunion.

L and C both have kept up and excelled with their school work, despite their very distracted mother. L has finished one grade of math and has moved on to the next.

I went to stake leadership training, and saw an old friend, and many of my new ones.

R had the stitches taken out of his head, and his scar is not very noticiable.

The Baby only woke up once last night!


  1. We're thinking about you guys a lot and praying, too. Sign up on the similac website. They send you some coupons and samples automatically. You can also contact your pediatricians office. Often they receive free samples and coupons or parenting magazines with coupons. Long stretch but possiblity: contact your insurance company. Often times they are required to pay for formula if it is a medical necessity. My neice had her formula paid for because she was in the hospital for so long that my sister was unable to nurse her.

  2. Yea for babies sleeping "almost" through the night!

  3. Hey we are thinking about you guys and praying for you and sending good vibes for a fast recovery!! We love you all and will write cards and letters soon :) so much love to you all!!

  4. I'll have my husband check into the insurance thing. My pediatrician gave us free samples of Enfamil. We signed up on the Similac website.

    Thanks for all your prayers and good vibes.

    Not only are we glad she is almost sleeping through the night so are the grandmas who are helping us.