Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bottle Tree

Our Baby Bottle Drying Rack

We have to wean the Baby. We are learning all about bottles. L and C never acquiesced to our repeated attempts to get them to take the bottle. The Baby has been taking the bottle when I go to Mutual. Now she is taking the bottle 75% of the time. A friend gave us all her old bottles and told us about Similac Sensitive. She has been taking that okay. The first nipples we had were too slow for her, the second nipples we had were too fast (L said they gave her a milk beard). The third set was just right. I can not seem to find the just right kind at any convenient place like Smiths or Wal-Mart.

Weaning your baby before you can have surgery or treatments is an every 2-3 hour reminder that you have cancer. This part of the process has been difficult emotionally and physically on both of us.

The upside is the mother's lounge in our church is dark and small, and always seemed a little germy to me anyway. If it was the like the spacious bright one at my sister A's church it would be more of a loss. Besides there are so many people at church who want to hold onto our little miracle, because she is so cute and easygoing. Now we have more time to let others have that opportunity.

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  1. Jeni, I love your blog. It's nice to know how things are going and what kind of help to give--and I see your courage in action. Thanks for sharing.