Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surgery Day Boxes and Letters

We had a little bit of a surprise Tuesday morning. The Fed Ex truck dropped off a package from a small town in Idaho to L and C. We did not open them before we left for surgery. Later while we were in recovery we called and asked them what was in it. They told Rex a bunch of stuff and it seemed hard to believe, especially the part about the goldfish.

When we got home they carefully showed us what L and C and Baby got in their surgery day boxes. L said she knew there was so much stuff that they only started reading the books and were going save the rest for chemo day boxes. I told them that they could open all of it and use all of it now, and was surprised at L's and C's selflessness. We were touched my aunt's thoughtfulness and generosity. The boxes were full of their dream chemo day box items - gum, Taylor Swift, Legos, and on and on. I know it lifted the burden for them that hard day.

If that was not more than enough then they received individual letters from their favorite grandma aunt, and R and I did too. I really appreciated the part for R in there, since most of the phone are for him asking about his wife. Plus when we were waiting for the surgery to start R we read supportive emails from parts far (we'll go the 8) and near.

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