Friday, October 29, 2010

The Remarkable Young Women

A little more than five years ago I was an Activity Day Leader. Our ward was so big I helped specifically with just the eight year old girls. Then I found out I had cancer and at that time I was no longer able to hold that calling, my dear friend in the Primary Presidency carried that calling for me. After I had cancer I have been the YW Second Counselor (Beehive Counselor) almost the entire time since. I love all the young women, but I was especially excited a few years ago when the girls I had for Activity Days turned 12 and entered Young Women. I loved them as Activity Day girls and I loved them as Beehives. All the Young Women we have in our program now I have had the opportunity to have as Beehives. It is such a delight to see all the young women grow and progress. I am more than happy when they ask me to write letters of recommendation for them, and could talk about how great they are for hours. They are amazing in so many ways, and such an example and a light to those around them. The girls gave me so much help and joy when I was pregnant with Baby.

Last Sunday I told them about the cancer. This was an emotionally difficult thing so I had the YW President help me (see I am learning). I know of several of the different trials they have had (especially their lovely friend in the other ward who had her own struggle with cancer) or currently have in their life and I did not want them to worry about me. Looking at their beautiful faces as I stood up there, I could feel the love the Lord has for them. I am honored that both times I have had cancer that I can associate with their extraordinary spirits. This is a blessing in the lives of my family and I. They are remarkable, if anyone can have one leader have cancer and the other leader have a traumatic event with her son, they can.

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