Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

We often bought milk on Wednesday because there is a store that has a sale on wacky Wednesday. On this Wednesday things lined up better than milk at a good price.

First I had a good night's sleep. Which made the morning visit from some relatives that much more enjoyable. I have the sweetest nephew ever. Now hanging in my room I have verifiable 200 heart proof, plus on my dresser I have some pictures he drew as well. I loved hearing the cousins laughing together and visiting with my in-laws. It made me forget how tired I was, luckily my sister-in-law remembered(she is so kind) so I could go rest.

Later that day Mario came from NY to take some black and white pictures of our family. He brought someone to hold my water for me between shots, others to help Baby keep her hands out of her nose and her happy face looking towards his direction, to go ice fishing with Baby when her shots were done, someone else to leave a delicious dinner, someone to make the weather nice so we could go outside, and even someone to plan our joint birthday party. No one could have planned the time of day, how I was feeling, the nice weather, the awesome support staff better. It all went together so well. Mario even gave R and I a few Polaroids at the end. I am so grateful to him and his support staff.

Baby was on high silliness during this time. She told Mario he looked like Pop-Pop and my uncle that he was her dad. Mainly I was glad that she felt comfortable enough to talk to them at all. Pop-Pop bought Baby a doctor's kit and she has used it on me several times. She had made her own homemade one before. She told both the aide and RN/case manager that she fixed her mom now.

My aide came over and said I looked much better. The case manager came over and told me the new social worker should come next week. This social worker has a background in pediatrics so hopefully she will be a better fit for our family. She also explained more about the medication and how often I can take it.

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