Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bittersweet Saturday

My cousin came out of his surgery okay - Yay! Though it was hard to see the pictures of his strong body in the hospital and in so much pain. Prayers for recovery now.

His brother and nephew actually came up and helped finish the painting trim project. Baby adores the 11 year old nephew, and would follow him around all day. You can tell he has good parents because he is so respectful and good natured.

One of my aunts keeps coming up to help paint and I want to talk to her, but I sleep and do other things instead. She is a ninja painter just quietly working away on whatever needs to be done. I rarely see her, but I see her efforts and love everywhere I look.

My aunt and uncle(Santa Claus) and cousin who have staying with me this last week left today, the painting was done and to prepare for their family celebrations next week. I needed their love and counsel and support this week more than I knew when they originally planned on coming. What they sacrificed for my family was invaluable. I can't write anymore or the keyboard will short out.

R took the kids to their much anticipated Camp Kesem reunion. He said Baby was clingy but the other kids were off with their friends the whole time. Plus we remembered what we were supposed to bring for the potluck.

My sweet visiting teacher brought by her delicious star pressed ginger cookies again. My mom moved back in and even gave Baby a bubble bath that was enjoyed by all. Usually any type of personal hygiene by Baby is met by howls of resistance.

My wonderful college roommates came and we talked forever. I started to fall asleep while they were talking. It reminded me of staying up late talking in college and the same thing would happen. Except late in this instance was around 5:30pm and I had multiple naps throughout the day. Either way it was a terrific chance to see them and I love the amazing women they have become.

I just also want to say we appreciate the prayers and the flowers and cards and good thoughts and everything. It strengthens us and makes us feel not alone.

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  1. I loved that it reminded you of fun college times staying up late. I was so worried that we were wearing you out. It was so great to visit:)