Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting ready for Camp Kesem BYU

On the camper information forms for Camp Kesem BYU it said they would have parents' meeting at the end of June and the packing list would come in May. Every single day during the month of May my kids would ask me if the packing list from Camp Kesem had come yet. Could they remember to practice the piano or put their dirty dish in the dishwasher, NO, but asking about the Camp Kesem packing list they always remembered.

Then my mom would ask me if it came too. She wanted to make sure the kids had everything they needed for camp. The list did not come in May. So we decided they could have sent it in May and it could come in the first week of June. Still they were asking every single day if the packing list had come. The second week of June L, in addition to asking about the packing list, started asking me to email them. So I did. A week later we had not received an email back, so L began her campaign of me needing to call them. So I did. They assured me we would receive it soon.

A few weeks after our conversation we were overjoyed to see an email with the packing list as an attachment. Before seeing the list I was not worried because we have been camping before so I though my children would be prepared. They are mostly ready, but L and C do not own the ten pairs of socks each that is on the list. Plus many of L's socks are knee highs, which she is not sure she wants to wear camping. I guess we run on the lighter side of clothes, and just do laundry more often. We will soon rectify the sock problem, and get the rest of the items ready for the kids to take.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rhinestone Tank Top

Last summer I was pregnant and did not want to buy a maternity swimsuit. Instead I bought a black tank top with rhinestones on it and wore it over my old swimsuit.

This summer I did not want to buy a mastectomy swimsuit and water proof forms to put in it so I brought out the black tank top. I even added bright pink shorts with it.

My hair has come back. It is now short and curly. The combination of short curly hair, rhinestone tank top, and bright shorts reminded me of something. It took a few times of wearing that outfit before I realized who I looked like.

I had a laugh at myself. When I showed my kids his picture and asked if they thought I looked like him, it really bothered them.

I have tried wearing tank tops without rhinestones and I think I will look for a rash guard next time I am in town.