Monday, November 25, 2013

Non Denominational Chaplin Visit

Today I met with my Primary friends again or the lovely ladies of the Primary Presidency. Baby sat behind my chair looking at the Kindle Fire most of the time during our visit. She was very clingy today. It was a nice visit with them, they are so sweet, and I am glad the Primary is in their strong capable hands. It is a miracle we all are in Presidency together (since both the secretary and I had both just moved in) and that we get along and have worked so well together and they definitely carry on aptly in my absence. I remember those first few meetings and I was so concerned that they had all they information that I have in my binder, because I was worried something would happen to me. It has made this transition time easier for me to not worry about that now. I love those ladies!

My daily aide and case manager both came over too and continued building their relationships with our family. Baby even let the case manager carry her downstairs. Plus they both helped with some questions I had and suggested some additional comfort measures.

My mom braved the stores to get a few items. She said the only hold up at the store was the obviously confused spouses of the main Thanksgiving Day cooks looking for a specific ingredient. A friend dropped off dinner but I am sad I was unable to visit at that time.

The chaplin came over to visit just in time to see a stressed out Baby. The weather was nice, the sky was so blue, and so we all went outside and it lowered the stress level for both Baby and I. We had a nice talk with some crying and laughing. My previous visiting teacher Snow White came over and laughed with us. I have had many excellent visiting teachers, including my current ones who call every day and make my favorite cookies.

Both C and L came home from school looking forward to the new Studio C tonight.

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