Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Center

Today I made it to sacrament meeting again. Both R and I were surprised that the talks were not about tithing and tithing settlement. All those years of the fourth Sunday in NV being tithing Sunday are hard to overcome. There are so many tired people like me who go home after sacrament meeting in our ward. We could fill a germ free bus. My family used get to church earlier and I would go around and talk to the Primary kids and their families. Now it takes me a long time to get ready and we are always late. I take many more naps before church than I used to.

L on the other hand is getting up and getting ready earlier each Sunday as she helps out at the life care center. We also use her as our secret spy and ask her what stake business there is each week before we go to our ward.

My aunt posted about my cousin and said the doctor went to the center of his brain during the surgery. She also said he is recovering without complications and should go home early next week to start his long recovery. The center of his brain thing intrigued me. Right now I think the center of my cousin's brain is determination. It reminded me of part of a quote by James Joyce "forged in the smithy of my soul." What is in the center of my soul, what has been "forged in the smithy of my soul?" Has it changed through my life and will it continue to change?

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  1. The smithy of your soul is a deep wise place and it has forged you to a golden being. Love's.