Thursday, March 29, 2012

February and March Expansion Appointments

I continued with my expansion appointments. The pain in my right side took longer and longer between each appointment to go away. My doctor changed locations in the middle of my appointments. The new office is easy to find but a maze once I am in there. The rooms are cold too. This building is a definite upgrade from where they were before, but I miss the old close warm comfy old office.

I am done with expansion appointments! My next surgery is planned for June, and it is not likely that it will be an overnight stay.

The maze of rooms just reminds me that so much of my mental/intellectual ability to cope is based on things staying the same. I do think the chemo fog is lifting. I have epiphanies weekly about items in my life. For some reason my kids are not always as excited about the epiphanies as I am. It is a wonder we survived at all. It is amazing how much we can really do, and how we can adjust, even if we miss the old office.